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Long story short, I like to tinker.  I enjoy getting under the hood of some of my favourite applications (usually After Effects) and building out tools and resources for myself to enhance my workflow and save me a bit of time. Below are just a couple of the more polished "experiments" that are free for the world to use.


The Graph Maker is a series of scripts for After Effects that I've coded over the past few years to help me easily and quickly build animated graphs.  I wanted a version of apps that I could just hit a button, input on the information necessary, and then the script would do all the work as most of the other solutions I saw out there required loading data directly from a spreadsheet or were overly complicated. 

I've gotten great use out of them and hope the rest of the world can get use out of them as well.  I'm constantly improving and adding features to them (as well as fixing bugs) so feel free to check back from time to time for new versions.


Simple Pie

Builds Pie graphs with up to 10 slices without the need for an external data hookup.  Also will label percentages and build a key if requested. 

Version: 0.9.1


Simple Bar

Version: 0.9.3

Builds Bar graphs with up to 12 individual bars and animates them automatically. Works both horizontally and vertically.


Simple Line

Version: 0.9.4

works with up to 20 data points across 4 lines. Fully animates and builds itself automatically with no need for external data. 


Simple Ring

Version: 0.9.1

Ring Graph, which are underrated in the world of graphs.  Builds mutli-ring and single ring varieties connected directly to animated numbers.


Some Smaller and simpler scripts that I've built over the years to improve my workflow in After Effects. Feel free to use them in your workflows as well.  Some work great in KBar or just in your own script folder and Some have their on dockable UI. 


Guide Maker

Select a video, apply Guide Maker and a guide video will sit in the corner so you always have a reference while working.


Grade Applier

Easy way to apply the basic colour correction effects you always use to a series of adjustment layers.


Projects get messy.  This tool occasionally cleans up your project based off and auto-project window set up that it creates. 

Project Sort


Paste in your script and the script will calculate about how long the script is in terms of frames and time.

Read Speed Calculator


Same Above as Below

Easy and fast script to trim the in and end point of a layer to the one above or below it.  Works great with mattes.



Have a huge long list of text layers?  This script stacks them alphabetically. Super usefully in very niche situations.   


Quickly sets up and animates a number of images.  Nothing fancy or complex but works well for basic slide shows.

Fast Slide Show


Applies an expression to the selected layers that prevents them from moving. Expression has to be removed to move layer. 

Stuck Layers


Text Generator

Quickly create a whole slew of text layers based on text you input into the UI Panel.

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